US Considering Closing Embassy in Cuba

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the United States is considering closing its embassy in Cuba following a number of “health attacks” on American diplomats there.

“We have it under evaluation and it is a very serious issue with respect to the harm some individuals have suffered,” Tillerson said on the CBS show “Face the Nation.”

At least 21 Americans have suffered what the State Department calls “incidents” that have lead to a variety of symptoms, including hearing loss, concussions, headaches, ear-ringing, and even problems with concentration and common word recall.

Though investigators have explored the possibility of sonic waves or an electromagnetic weapon, no culprit or device has yet been identified, the Associated Press reports.

Lawmakers in Washington have raised alarm over the incidents. On Friday, five Republican senators wrote Tillerson to call for both closing the Havana embassy and expelling all Cuban diplomats from the United States.

Former President Barack Obama re-established ties with the Caribbean island nation two years ago, a move that has been criticized and threatened by his successor Donald Trump.


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